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Paulding Pavilion – Redevelopment and Revitalization


Paulding Pavilion pic
Paulding Pavilion
Image: updevelopment.com

As principal of UP Development, property developer Scott Fish has overseen the renovation of many retail shopping centers across Central Florida and other parts of the Southeast. Developer Scott Fish played a pivotal role in the redevelopment and sale of Paulding Pavilion in Hiram, Georgia.

UP Development assumed ownership of Paulding Pavilion at a time when a closed Publix was its anchor store. UP purchased the pavilion for $7.5 million and bought out the remainder of Publix’s lease, which allowed the company to redevelop its space and add Staples and Sports Authority as new anchors while ensuring the operation of the property’s other retail tenants. The center now features Bargain Hunt, Ben’s Mattress and Furniture, and Ciggys.

Located at the primary intersection of US Highways 92 and 278, Paulding Pavilion offers easy access to visitors. Daily traffic is steady and comprises 21,260 vehicles on Highway 92 and 34,520 vehicles on Highway 278. Other nearby amenities that draw shoppers to the area include big-box stores such as Sam’s Club and Target, and a variety of retailers, restaurants, banks, and gas stations.


Franklin Boys and Girls Club Receives Teen-Friendly Makeover


Franklin Boys and Girls Club pic
Franklin Boys and Girls Club
Image: greatclubs.org

Developer Scott Fish runs UP Development in Franklin, Tennessee. Apart from his professional duties as a developer, Scott Fish contributes to a number of charitable organizations, including his local Boys and Girls Club.

In 2015, the teen center at the Boys and Girls Club in Franklin, Tennessee, underwent a complete makeover. The center was refurbished as part of a nationwide partnership between the lease-to-own furniture retailer Aaron’s and Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

Originally a sparse, utilitarian space, the upgraded center now serves as a lounge and gaming area, complete with a television, an Internet café, and a storage shed. Aaron’s donated $23,000 worth of electronics and furniture to accomplish the transformation.

Addressing the impetus for the partnership, Garet Hayes, a spokesperson for Aaron’s, said, “The Nashville area is a really strong market for us, and we look for ways to give back.”

Winter Park Square


Winter Park Square pic
Winter Park Square
Image: updevelopment.com

A commercial real estate developer, Scott Fish has a long history of building or rebuilding shopping centers that feature big-box anchor stores such as Home Depot and Dick’s Sporting Goods. As principal of UP Development in Franklin, Tennessee, Scott Fish has completed multiple large projects in Central Florida. One of these projects is Winter Park Square in the Orlando suburb of Winter Park.

Sitting on over 11 acres on North Orlando Avenue, Winter Park Square features both Whole Foods and Nordstrom Rack as anchor tenants. Nordstrom Rack cut the ribbon on this 25,000-square-foot location on March 9, 2017. Other present and future tenants of Winter Park Square include PNC Bank and Duck Donuts.

Winter Park Square is located adjacent to the urban lifestyle center of Winter Park Village and near the boutiques, fine dining, and entertainment venues of Park Avenue. The shopping center served as the final catalyst for an extension of Lee Road, a project that had been a priority for the City of Winter Park for a decade.

Walmart and Target Most Popular Variety Stores in United States

Scott Fish  pic
Scott Fish
Image: updevelopment.com

A developer based out of Franklin, Tennessee, Scott Fish is the principal of UP Development, a firm that operates in the commercial real estate industry. Among the projects that Scott Fish has overseen in his career as a developer is the revitalization of retail centers anchored by major businesses like Walmart, Target, Publix, and Kroger.

Walmart and Target are two of America’s most popular stores. According to an article published by USA Today in 2016, Walmart earned the top spot as the most popular store in this country, with 4,574 stores in the US alone and a total revenue of $482.1 billion in the last fiscal year. Every week, around 260 million people visit its stores around the globe. Target was the next most popular variety store to make USA Today’s list, with 1,792 stores in America and 2016 earnings amounting to $73.79 billion in 2016.

Experts in the industry suggest that Walmart and Target are preferred by customers because of their convenient and accessible locations, low product prices, and the clarity of choices presented to them on the stores’ shelves.

What to Look For in a Retail Lease

Retail Lease pic
Retail Lease
Image: updevelopment.com

Scott Fish is the principal of UP Development, a retail real estate developer operating primarily in the southeastern United States. In his leadership role with the developer, Scott Fish has managed numerous retail development and workout projects for national retailers such as Walmart and Home Depot.

When it comes to choosing a retail lease, it is important for developers to stay aware of the factors directly influencing their future developments. Here are three key features to consider in retail properties.

Research zoning. While standard retail zoning may be sufficient for most developers, businesses planning to sell hunting equipment or liquor may require special zoning permits. By conducting careful research and speaking directly with zoning authorities, developers can avoid unpleasant surprises down the road.

Determine monthly payments. Costs such as basic rent and real estate taxes should be outlined clearly in a retail lease. Developers should also be on the lookout for utilities and common area maintenance (CAM), which may vary widely based on the type of building in question.

Assess the surrounding area. Most retail businesses thrive in high-traffic areas, which naturally bring customers to their doors. High-traffic areas typically include increased rent and utilities costs, requiring developers to employ careful cost-benefit analysis.

2016 Retail Development Predictions

Retail Development 2016 pic
Retail Development 2016
Image: bdcnetwork.com

Scott Fish is managing partner of UP Development, a Tennessee-based developer focused on retail projects throughout the southeastern United States. With over 17 years of experience as a developer, Scott Fish guides his company in constructing retail centers on time and within budget.

According to experts, while the stock market will continue to be a roller coaster and foreign markets are even more unstable, real estate is projected to be one of the bright spots for 2016. For example, the real estate communications firm Taylor Johnson has predicted that 2016 will be a busy year for retail leasing and development activity.

Taylor Johnson expects the following trends in 2016:

-demand for off-price retailers like Nordstrom Rack and TJ Max,
-levitation to less-expensive Class B properties,
-newer, larger fitness centers,
-focus on environmentally friendly building improvements,
-increased foreign investment in the U.S. real estate market, and
-additional overhead and physical presence expansion for traditional online retailers

Contractors are gearing up for a busy year. From 2014 to 2015, the construction industry grew by 10 percent. Many developers are projecting similar or even higher growth for 2016. Regardless of an unsteady stock market and concerns over foreign affairs, the construction industry appears to have a high ceiling for continued growth through 2016.

Publix Makes $4 Million Dollar Gift to Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity pic
Habitat for Humanity
Image: habitatsev.org

A graduate of Ferris State University, Scott Fish works as a developer and manages many types of projects. In his career as a developer, Scott Fish has successfully designed and permitted retail centers anchored by major retail stores including Home Depot, Walmart, and Publix.

Publix is a chain of food stores across the southern United States that has been in business over 85 years. Publix offers conventional grocery services like bakeries, and delis, and many of its locations have in-house retail pharmacies, as well.

Publix contributes to a number of charities through its philanthropic arm Publix Super Markets Charities. Recently, the chain made a $4 million dollar commitment to Habit For Humanity to build homes across the South in 2016. The gift will allow for 40 new homes to be built, and each home will come with a pantry fully stocked by Publix. Additionally, Publix employees will contribute to the building of the homes.

The supermarket chain has been contributing to Habitat for Humanity since 1989, and this donation was its largest yet. The new houses will be built in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, and Tennessee.