Scott Fish | Developer
Scott Fish | Developer

A successful commercial real estate developer, Scott Fish currently heads his own firm, UP Development, in Franklin, Tennessee. Mr. Fish possesses years of experience in the property development industry. To date, he has completed a number of shopping and retail center projects for industry-leading chains, such as Target, Publix, Home Depot, and Dick’s Sporting Goods, among others. As a developer, Scott Fish maintains expertise in all aspects of the process, including analysis and design, capital acquisition, and engineering. His company also employs experienced litigators who remain committed to removing any obstacles to construction.

After securing all loans and negotiating the related paperwork with banks and other financial institutions, Scott Fish and his team of developers perform a comprehensive analysis of the site in question. This evaluation takes into account factors such as economic projections of retail supply and demand, demographic statistics, employment forecasts, and shopping habits of the local population. In addition, Mr. Fish places a considerable emphasis on anchor attraction, reminding clients that anchors base their decisions on traffic counts, market competition, and even construction projects on local roadways. Scott Fish, developer, then determines the type of retail space ideal for the area, whether community, neighborhood, regional, or super, before embarking on the design and development phases of the project.

Aside from his work as a developer, Scott Fish gives back to his community by supporting a number of regional and national groups. He has sponsored the Franklin Noon Rotary Club and a local Boys and Girls Club, and he has contributed to several college scholarship funds. In addition, he assisted Greeley, Colorado’s Elks Lodge by paying off its debt of nearly $2 million.


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