Franklin Boys and Girls Club Receives Teen-Friendly Makeover


Franklin Boys and Girls Club pic
Franklin Boys and Girls Club

Developer Scott Fish runs UP Development in Franklin, Tennessee. Apart from his professional duties as a developer, Scott Fish contributes to a number of charitable organizations, including his local Boys and Girls Club.

In 2015, the teen center at the Boys and Girls Club in Franklin, Tennessee, underwent a complete makeover. The center was refurbished as part of a nationwide partnership between the lease-to-own furniture retailer Aaron’s and Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

Originally a sparse, utilitarian space, the upgraded center now serves as a lounge and gaming area, complete with a television, an Internet café, and a storage shed. Aaron’s donated $23,000 worth of electronics and furniture to accomplish the transformation.

Addressing the impetus for the partnership, Garet Hayes, a spokesperson for Aaron’s, said, “The Nashville area is a really strong market for us, and we look for ways to give back.”