Walmart and Target Most Popular Variety Stores in United States

Scott Fish  pic
Scott Fish

A developer based out of Franklin, Tennessee, Scott Fish is the principal of UP Development, a firm that operates in the commercial real estate industry. Among the projects that Scott Fish has overseen in his career as a developer is the revitalization of retail centers anchored by major businesses like Walmart, Target, Publix, and Kroger.

Walmart and Target are two of America’s most popular stores. According to an article published by USA Today in 2016, Walmart earned the top spot as the most popular store in this country, with 4,574 stores in the US alone and a total revenue of $482.1 billion in the last fiscal year. Every week, around 260 million people visit its stores around the globe. Target was the next most popular variety store to make USA Today’s list, with 1,792 stores in America and 2016 earnings amounting to $73.79 billion in 2016.

Experts in the industry suggest that Walmart and Target are preferred by customers because of their convenient and accessible locations, low product prices, and the clarity of choices presented to them on the stores’ shelves.